Most home security systems use a landline telephone to connect to the security monitoring company. In fact, you may be keeping your landline phone for just this reason. However, as technology has improved and more people are using cellular phones instead of a home phone, security companies have made changes. It used to be that cellular monitoring was available in your system only as a backup for times when the phone line was not working. Now it is possible to have your system upgraded or retrofit with continuous cellular monitoring. If you are still using a landline phone for your security system, here are a few benefits that may have you changing to all cellular monitoring.

Get Rid of the Landline and its Bill

If you and everyone in the household use a cell phone for all your phone calls, there is really no reason to keep a landline phone and the bill. Once you make the change to cellular security monitoring you can eliminate the landline bill from your monthly budget.


When there is a reason for your security system to send an alarm, you want to be sure it can be sent. If the issue is someone trying to break into your home, they could have cut the phone line so the system won't work. If your home is on fire, the line could be damaged so the system won't work. A number of things can have your landline phone out of order so the security system cannot contact the monitoring company.

Remote Access

Your cellular phone can be set up to work as a remote controller for your security system. You can arm and disarm the system no matter where you are. Any time the alarm goes off, you can receive an alert as the proper authority is being contacted. In addition, you can be notified any time someone manually arms or disarms the system. If you are not home, and one of your children goes home from school, you can receive a text message as soon as the child disarms the system, so you know he or she is home. As an added bonus, you can access the video component of your security system from your Smartphone. If you are notified that someone is trying to get into your home, you can view the cameras to see who it is.

There is no need to keep your landline phone just because you have a security system. New technology allows you to have a wireless system in use for any home security issues. Take advantage of the benefits cellular monitoring (from companies likeDanmax Communication Ltd Home Protection) offers and save yourself some money in the process.